Into the Fray: DP Photo Challenge


The last light of the day, disappears behind the urbanized structure, which stands in the middle of what was once land claimed by the earth. Caught in the middle of a darkened ground and a blue sky flaunting its endless colour, the sun is stuck on the edge of the contrasting states of day. Now all it can do is hide, and wait for the fall of night.

What’s White, Cold and Lurks Around the Corner?



I was browsing through some of my older photos, and I stumbled upon these. At this point, I’m not really sure if I’m looking forward to this, or dreading it. Past experience is telling me to go with the latter. I am now going to enjoy the thirty degree heat while it lasts!

snowy pic



buried in snow

A Question that Confounds Me

A question that confounds me, the sound of one hand clapping, the chicken and the egg, if a tree falls in the woods? (No, those all have answers.)

The answers to those:

  • A small tapping noise as your flap one hand back and forth, and the sound as the air moves…
  • The egg came first, laid by something that was not a chicken.
  • Humans are self-centered enough that we say, sound needs something to make the sound, something for the sound to travel through, and something to receive the sound. If one of those three are missing, it doesn’t make a sound. Therefore, if no one is around to hear it, it did not make a sound.

No, a question that does befuddle me, is, what do babies dream of?

A newborn child, what could they dream of?

Comment your thoughts down below.

Things I Must Live to See

I know there is a thing about humans, where they typically die around the age of 82 or so, due to old age, or illness, sickness, or what have you. But I am now going to say that I refuse to die before I see the following things on this list.

  • World peace
  • Climate change fought tooth and nail
  • Equal rights for all humans
  • Corruption removed from government and other institutions
  • A cure for cancer, the common cold, and other illnesses
  • and Sherlock season 4.

Now, at this point, I don’t think I’m going to live forever, so let’s make this happen quickly, shall we?